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Yikes, brands: Watch those tweets

Recently, in a misguided attempt to show a sense of patriotism, Spaghetti-O’s tweeted the following Pearl Harbor Day message: People were less than impressed. In fact, they were downright livid. Some of their comments on the tweet paint a pretty clear picture of how it made them feel:  So how is it possible for brands … Continue reading

Video Marketing is Officially the Way to Engage

This year was big for marketing videos.  We had Kmart acting borderline tacky, foreign videos with subtitles making us cry, enthusiastic camels and of course, Van Damme ( It seems like every day there is not only a new viral hit, but a new viral hit created for and promoted by a brand. These videos … Continue reading

If possible, I love Zappos even more now

Most catty celebrities take aim at other celebrities or even politicians when they’re looking to tangle. But Kayne West is no ordinary celebrity (as he would undoubtedly tell you.) In a recent interview, he attacked Zappos, claiming they sell sh-t products to everybody Apparently, West was agitated that Zappo’s CEO, Tony Hsieh, had weighed … Continue reading